Clos du Tue Bœuf

Rouillon - 2020 - Thierry Puzelat

Loire Valley


A blend of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Gamay, grown on a soil of flinty clay. The vines are around 20 years old. The vines are co-planted, meaning that all grape varieties are harvested and vinified at the same time. Viticulture and vinification are 100% natural. Yields are around 50 hl/ha on this 1.9-hectare parcel. This cuvée is matured 6 months in demi-muid barrels without sulphur.

Jean-Marie and Thierry Puzelat took over the family estate around 20 years ago, 13 hectares in Touraine, in the Loir-et-Cher. Time and a series of encounters would put them on the path to natural wines. In 1999, the brothers decided to vinify for themselves, and to stop taking the easy route of a “guaranteed” income from the local wine cooperative. Once decided, they went all in, determined to produce wines without artifice, without sulphur... Today, Thierry is the Vice-President of the natural wine association AVN. He explains his approach: “One must maintain a certain level of control. Making ‘supernatural’ wine, verging on vinegar, doesn’t interest me. The goal, after all, is to enjoy drinking it... “. He loves meeting people, sharing a bottle, conversing with his brothers in arms: “The purity of a wine without sulphur... the absence of a veil between the wine and us... in the end it’s our body that tells us ‘yes please’!”. And after dozens and dozens of wine fairs and encounters, people have heard that message loud and clear, and his wines have found their public.

75 cl

Appellation : Cheverny

Degree of alcohol : 13,8 %

To drink from : 2021 to 2027

Country : France

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