Born from the desire to create a true showcase for Pinot Noir, the idea emerged in June 2018, and after two years of gestation, Black Pinot finally saw the light of day. It is the fruit of several years of wine experiences, reflection, and Pinot treasure hunting. As a matter of fact, Black Pinot is the baby website of A well-established online wine merchant who has been raging on the web since 2013, a real dealer of natural wines who distils its juices all over Europe, led by Tegwen Naveos, sommelier since 1993.

Whether you are looking for a Grand Cru or a bottle to easily share with your friends, Black Pinot offers a wide range of wines selected with precision, but above all with passion! It's simple, we think Pinot, we breathe Pinot, we drink Pinot, we live Pinot!

Black Pinot is located in Brittany, in Lorient, a land of ocean-facing travelers! Obviously, Burgundy wines are widely present, but Black Pinot also wants to be a gallery for foreign wines, Pinots Noirs rummaged all around the globe, from classic New World cuvées to the most exotic, sulfur-free wines passing by special finds brought back from trips. Traditional vinifications, but above all organic wines, biodynamic wines, natural wines, without inputs and without added sulphites.

Black Pinot is an online merchant which transpires passion: we offer you the most complete selection possible, new products and discoveries uploaded every month. Our mission: to share our tastings with you, because we drink these wines and love them!

We work in complete transparency and with great thoroughness, to present you each cuvées geolocated by plot, detailed vinifications, indication of the presence or absence of added sulphites, as well as the history of the winemaker and his Estate. 100% of the vintages come directly from the Domaines, we do not buy back any cellar, which guarantees you the authenticity and the good conservation of the bottles.

The purpose of Black Pinot is ultimately to deliver the best Pinots Noirs to you, at the right price, packaged with care and delivered to your door in a timely manner! It's making you travel to all continents through your glass, in just a few clicks! Rarities and Pinots Noirs of the world bow belong to you.

The Black Pinot team wishes you great discoveries and great tastings!

Pinotly yours, BP team