Weingut Schmitt

Pinot Sekt Brut Nature - 2015 - Bianka et Daniel Schmitt


SCHMITT Bianka et Daniel

A sparkling blend of half Pinot Noir and half Pinot Blanc, from vines cultivated biodynamically and harvested by hand. The yields are tightly controlled, and the grapes sorted in the vineyard and in the cellar. The vinification is natural and without any additives: direct pressing of both grape varieties, transfer to barrels, and fermentation in barrels that have seen several wines. One year of maturation on the lees. The wine is then bottled and aged for one year in stacks. Neither fined nor filtered, and zero added sulphur. No dosage.
Now here’s the Bianka and Daniel Schmitt story, in their words: “We’ve walked this path together since 2012. Whether it’s tending the vineyards, guiding the grapes along their journey, presenting the finished results, or just generally thinking and living all things wine, we believe we make a near ideal team. Our efforts so far have produced healthy vineyards and sustainable wines, and earned us many friends and companions new and old along the way. Our goal? To create grand wines as naturally as possible that embody the true balance between man and nature. Wines that reflect our personalities as well as our creativity. The biodynamic approach remains a consistent inspiration on the way to perfect harmony. While it may sound odd to some, we truly believe that everything is connected. Our preparations strengthen our soils and vines. We see the results on a daily basis in our vineyards. When we give Mother Nature as much freedom as possible to do things her way, she returns the favour by offering us her very best, thus reinforcing this precious natural balance. We also see the unity of our couple reflected in the wines, with femininity and masculinity in harmony. Each wine represents a stage of our overall journey. And the farther we continue down this chosen path, the more we discover opportunities to deepen both our personal connection and the complexities of our wines.”

75 cl

Appellation : Rheinhessen

Degree of alcohol : 12 %

To drink from : 2021 to 2023

Country : Germany


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