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Maranges - 2019 - Pierre Fenals



100% Pinot Noir, from a 50-are parcel of 50-year-old vines planted at the Le Saugeot vineyard site. Yield 38 hl/ha. Cultivated biodynamically, with ploughing of the soil, no chemicals, and harvesting by hand in small crates. Vinification: whole grape bunches, wooden vats, light extraction, some pumping over, a little cap punching, and 15 months maturation on the lees in 3-year-old barrels. Neither filtered, nor fined, and zero sulphur at bottling.

Pierre Fenals, child of the ‘48 vintage, went into viticulture at the young age of 52, after having discovered the writings of Rudolf Steiner in the 1990s. Having hitherto worked in developing franchises for global brands, this shift back to the earth represented something of a U-turn in his life. Indeed, it was back to school for Fenals, first for viticultural studies in Burgundy, then as a simple vineyard worker – “because that’s where you really learn things” – before striking out on his own on 09/09/2009 – no kidding! Cultivating 2.5 hectares himself, and buying an additional 3.5 hectares of grapes, Pierre gives special care to each vine: he not only applies biodynamics to the letter, but he also cultivates the plants that he uses to prepare herbal tisanes and plant composts. Low use of copper in the vines, light ploughing, harvesting by hand… Pierre’s sensitive, sensible approach also carries over into the winery: the wines are unfined, unchaptalised, unfiltered, and with only one gram per hectolitre of SO2 at bottling for certain cuvées.

75 cl

Appellation : Maranges

Degree of alcohol : 14 %

To drink from : 2022 to 2027

Country : France


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