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Black Pinot

Pinot noir only

As a sommelier for nearly 30 years now, I wanted to pay tribute to Pinot Noir, a grape that has brought me on so many journeys, carried me to such heights, and become the subject of so many dreams.

So I created Black Pinot, the first single-varietal wine website.

After all, doesn’t Pinot Noir deserve a space of its own? It is the king of grapes, held by wine lovers, critics and collectors above any other.

Its wines can reach the summum of complexity and take you on voyages that last an entire evening.

At Black Pinot, you will find a wide collection of rare, organic, biodynamic and also natural wines.

Each bottle is geolocalised, as this is an open invitation to travel the world and visit multiple continents.

At Black Pinot you will discover Pinot Noirs of every kind, be they red, rosé, white, sparkling or spirits!

Come on a voyage with us, and get ready to Pinot!

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